His mother is ill, and is resting.

Elliot didn't turn off the lights.

Flight 226 takes off at 10:30.

Jarmo packed all of his things into his car and left for Boston.

Men's things are on sale upstairs.

We'll never ever forget Clayton.

Why are you still single?

We both know this.


My uncle can speak German.

She is not the kind of person you think she is.

For some members of the public, particularly those with disabilities or those who live in poverty, small legal problems can easily snowball into larger, more complex problems.

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I suppose you think that was pretty clever.

She works very hard.

She is excellent in making speeches.

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Baseball players should allow for the wind in catching a fly.

Sometimes I feel tired of walking.

"Where is my car?" "It's in the garage."


She can't do that.

Srikanth isn't my enemy.

This place hasn't changed much.


What aren't you telling us?


The purpose of our trip is to visit friends and see some tourist spots.

She looked around, but saw nothing.

I'm hoping it's only a temporary problem.

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Vilhelm made his way through the crowd.


Wendy is a perfectionist.

We're going dancing.

I can't quit thinking about you.

Robbin is now apologizing.

Some Asians eat dogs.

Property prices are going up.

Shahid came in carrying groceries.

This car is mine.

I need to change my tires.

America needs you.

Promise me you won't do that.


I am not interested in sport.

The accident happened because they could not see clearly.

The olympic cauldron was lit by the hockey goaler Vladislav Tretiak and figure skater Irina Rodnina.

To rob Peter to pay Paul

You're the only one who can help me.

I was taking care of him.

I think it's wrong.

Go wash up!

I made an awful mistake in the test.

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She is muttering to herself.

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Have you seen him anywhere?


An ideal pillow is available from a mail-order house.

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It's not you, it's me.


You must turn left at the second traffic light.

Are you suggesting I was lying?

Does anyone else use your account?

Would you like to come eat at our house?

What good does that do us?

The kidnappers tied my hands behind my back.

Can I go with Tuna?

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One of the girls started cheering.

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Where do you get those lamps?

How could you do this to him?

Food finally arrived on the table.

We have an audience.

They had to leave at once to catch the train.

It was not until yesterday that he was free of debt.

So what happens next?

Casper pulled a cigarette lighter out of his pocket.

She scratched her head.


They do not waste anything nor throw anything away.

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It has to stop.

She has to lie to her family about her boyfriend.

Do you want to say anything?

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Do you think that Spermophilus predators have night vision?


He established himself as a politician.

Billy has feelings for Kyle.

Ben showed Moe the scar on his leg.


Valerie plays the guitar well.

That's not very nice.

Have a safe journey.


Three children are playing in the park.

I'll tell on you!

I dare say that he's right.

Byron didn't blame himself.

My hope is to give you good food for a low price.

Is it baked?

Nanda began wearing glasses when he was three.


The inside defects never fail to express themselves outwardly.


Mark the correct answer.


He walked before me.

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Excuse me, I dropped a chopstick.

I think it's unlikely that plants feel pain.

He's hungry and thirsty.

Roxana thought Philippe could probably beat him in a swimming race.

The crowd was cheering as Presley crossed the finish line.

What've you done now, Saumya?

That was Stewart's personal opinion.


You got here too early.


Not all clowns are funny.

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That's really twisted.

Gasoline is used for fuel.

I'll become stronger.

Nora didn't know who to deliver the package to.

Everything is always on sale at this store.

He won gold in the competition.

My father took me to the movies last night.

They're afraid of Cecilia.

He may have said something about it, but I don't remember.

Please give me a ticket for the seven o'clock show.

They look rather fake.


This flower has a scent all its own.

You should take your car to Eugene's Garage. He does a pretty good job.

It's a celebration.

Are you leaving?

I'm not a particularly suspicious-looking person.

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Which shoes are too small?

My grandfather was born in 1920.

He had the presumption to reject my proposal.

Tarmi told Andre he was a doctor.

You had better do it at once.

What did Hui get?

How many eggs do we need?

What will happen in the future no one can tell.

He didn't notice the change, but I did.

Why can't you be nice to me for once?

He advised caution.

She lost her way.

He messed up the stage that he had set up so carefully.

Dad is coming home tomorrow.

Don't kill yourself.

It was just a wish.

Have you met a lot of Esperantists here?

I have an appointment with the dentist at 3 o'clock.

I picked something up for you.

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This is where it's all happening.

You'd tell me if I was wrong, wouldn't you?

Romain is at least a head taller than me.

We have often been to Tokyo.

Do you think he'll like it?

I'll let Earle go.

Ronald drives an electric car.

He is always complaining of this and that.

I thought you looked beautiful in that dress.

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The Tudor Dynasty fell in the year 1603.

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I didn't really care.

I don't think Christofer is bluffing.

We add long examples.

He swallowed detergent by mistake.

She likes to go to the sauna.

These windows are opened by him.

Any chance of the parcel getting there by Saturday?

I can't catch up with Marcel.

I should've listened to him.

The old man wanders from town to town peddling his wares.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Now, take a look at this.

I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

They can't both be right.

I've got to tell Linda.


When you drink soup, don't make any hissing sound.

She cut her finger on the broken glass.

I wonder if Varda ever took Edith up on her offer.

That's a lot to remember.

You've got a point there.

It was filmed in Australia.

Her grief expressed itself in tears.

Open another bottle of Coca-Cola.

She usually went to the gym on Thursday.